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The COVID-19 pandemic has presented several challenges for healthcare systems in providing adequate ICU beds for patients. One of the main challenges has been the rapid influx of critically ill patients, which has overwhelmed many hospitals and healthcare systems.


Electrical Bed

Backrest and Knee raise , Hi-Low and Trend/Rev Trend adjustments are electrically


Embedded ACP

Two ACP embedded in side boards

Icu bed

Central Lock Casters

Four castors with central/directional brakes


Plastic Sideboards

Four tuck away plastic sidboards

Steel trolleys

Durability and Sturdiness


Hospital steel trolleys are essential pieces of equipment that play a crucial role in healthcare facilities. These versatile carts are designed to aid in the safe and efficient transport of medical supplies, equipment, and patient necessities throughout hospitals and clinics. This article explores the significance of hospital steel trolleys, their key features, and their contribution to enhancing workflow efficiency in healthcare settings.



Transport Easier Than Ever

Today, stretchers are an essential component of healthcare facilities and come in various shapes and sizes to meet the unique needs of patients. Standard stretchers are designed for general patient transport, while bariatric stretchers are designed for patients who are overweight or obese. Pediatric stretchers are designed for infants and children, while transport stretchers are designed for easy mobility and transport within a healthcare facility.

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